Our Philosophy 

Based, in part, on teal organization theory, Matrix is a space that’s built on the principle of evolutionary purpose where people and organizations are allowed to adapt and grow organically. The only coworking and shared office space in Madison, WI, that caters specifically to cross industry entrepreneurs, our space encourages the development of peer relationships in an atmosphere of self-management and organization.

Breaking some of the “rules” of small business is the only way to create a community where people can connect in unique, borderless ways and build lasting relationships. Our coworking space is meant to serve as a place where people can come to work, learn and experience a personal connection to fellow members. No matter what your business savvy, you also have life experience to bring to the table.

We’re all teachers, and through teaching we’re learning. This is why our wholeness philosophy encourages growth of the personal nature, as well as professional.  It’s so exciting when we see a stay-at-home mom or dad sharing their earned wisdom with a fellow collaborator to help encourage work life balance. Of course, seeing established small business owners help each other up their game, and elevate entrepreneurs to new heights, is pretty exciting, too!

Because of this, Matrix caters to broad scope of business types that include, but are not limited to, the usual tech crowed. This makes our coworking space a more comfortable place for entrepreneurs of varied disciplines like healer, musician, or artist (although we do have plenty of tech geeks, too). Plus, since Matrix is owned and run by a woman, it makes it easier for female entrepreneurs to feel at home.

The Matrix Vision

Our vision is to continuously evolve our multi-generational environment where individuals can embrace all parts of themselves, and maybe even discover parts they didn’t know they had. This “wholeness approach” to our collaborative coworking space doesn’t distinguish between right brain and left brain, or business self versus personal self. Instead, it’s all-inclusive where the sum of our parts can come together into something great.

Matrix will always encourage its members, and the community it serves, to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Whether this is connected to social change, or simply being kinder and more empathetic to others, we’re here to help shape lives and thought processes so individuals and businesses can move forward and add value to the world.


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