If you own a business, you have probably heard that blogging provides value to your customers. And if you blog properly, it can develop rapport, bring you business, and increase your credibility.

Guest blogging can do this too, but on an entirely different level. I wanted to write to you to discuss the different avenues in which guest blogging can be much more valuable than you know.

When your article gets published on another blog in opens the doors to:

-Increased Exposure and Awareness

This increase in exposure happens because every time you share an article on some else blog, you bring them your readership and get theirs in exchange. More often than not, some of their audience will love what you write, and follow you for more.


We all know that social proof is an online standard for credibility. If you're on someone else blog, they'll share the post with their social media, and hopefully, you will too. This drastic increase in traffic will ultimately lead to a substantial boost in how readers see you as a reliable, and credible source.

-Shared Traffic With a Wider Audience

Another very important aspect to guest blogging is the search engine implications that go along with it. More articles with your publication across a wider network mean more backlinks to your website.

If you are considering blogging for your business, or you have already started, guest blogging could be an additional outlet to increase your credibility, exposure and audience.


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