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Welcome to Matrix Coworking & Shared Office Space

A place where small businesses and entrepreneurs can connect on a level that’s authentic and stress free!

At Matrix, you don’t have to be a tech-centric business to fit in, although some of our members are tech geeks. In fact, you can expect to feel comfortable — and warmly welcomed — whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad looking to start a business, an established sole proprietor or small business owner.

No matter what your business type, or business size, Matrix is a space where you can work, network and grow in a safe environment.

To many of our members, we’re their next step in their business’ evolution from the entrepreneurial associations they were once part of, but outgrew. These members are always willing to share a helpful hand, or a referral, to assist another small business owner. And if you’re just starting out, these seasoned professionals may just prove invaluable in your personal and professional development.

With a focus on having all of each member’s “different selves" present, Matrix is about helping individuals develop wholeness —balancing your business self, with your inner musician, artist, parent-self, your health and wellness minded-self … you get the idea. Since we’re the sum of all our parts, so why not embrace that instead of just focusing on our business?

At Matrix, feel free to check your corporate self at the door, and embrace your authentic self.

Following a teal organizational model, the environment at Matrix is ripe for these types of transformations and interactions, where the collective belief is that there’s enough business for everybody to succeed, as opposed to the “hungry wolf syndrome.” An intersection where creativity & the arts meet business savvy, our members love building relationships and learning from each other — often functioning as a community center, business accelerator and incubator for various startup projects.

In addition to free coworking space, we also offer the following:

  • Conference room rental
  • Event space rental
  • Private office rental (lont- and short-term)
  • Shared office space

Check out our About Matrix page for more information on our space and our philosiphy. You’re also welcome to stop by anytime for a chat, and to see our coworking and office space.

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Matrix Membership

  • Coworking space membership
  • Mail service at our main location.
  • Free room rentals with online booking options (*Limit: 4-hour increments)
  • Create a public profile (with links to your web page and social media for additional marketing)
  • Updates on Matrix events and classes (Discounted tickets when applicable)
  • Monthly discounts are available for signed referrals!





From 50.00 USD - Signup

Matrix Membership:

  • Coworking space membership
  • Mail service at our main location
  • Free room rentals with online booking options (*Limit: 4-hour increments) 
  • Create a public profile (with links to your web page and social media for additional marketing)
  • Updates on Matrix Events and classes (Discounted tickets when applicable) 


Also Includes...

Access to community coworking at Horizon Coworking on the Capital Square! (Located at 7 N Pinckney)

Conference room rentals at Horizon

& Online booking for rooms at our expanding partner locations (additional rental rates may apply)


**NEW! If you sign up between now and June 1st you get a FREE 1 year membership to Square Harvest and FREE Tuesday dropoffs to Matrix!



From 50.00 USD - Signup

Matrix also has full time furnished and unfurnished private office spaces available for rent!

Office rentals will include:
-A Matrix Coworking Membership
-A key to the front door & your personal office
-Access to the conference rooms, meeting rooms, event space, the coworking area, a copy machine, shared office supplies, a kitchenette, a small gym and our large parking lot.

Set up a tour today!

From 0.00 USD - Signup

Business Memberships

Business Membership:
Chose from the $50 Matrix Membership or $100 Visa Membership
Create a company profile and a personal profile
Add aditional team members for $10 a person 

NonProfits can chose a business membership or the below Work-Trade Program 

*To set up a business account please email us at

Building community is our first priority! 

For people that are not able to afford a membership OR are interested in a more community minded approach to paying… We have options for you! 

Work-Trade Program:
Matrix will now be offering a work-trade positions for discounted membership! The work-trade will include roughly two hours of housekeeping responsibilities each month for $25 off membership. If are interested in working more hours for an even bigger discount, that is most certainly an option. We are looking to fill at least 5 positions and create a cleaning schedule. If you are interested, please send us an email to (*Please share this option with friends, family members or colleagues whom are interested in joining Matrix)


For people who believe in Matrix and simply want to help... 

Backer Membership:
Do you want to join the Matrix Community but are unable to utilize space & programs? We are offering the Backer Membership for those that want to back the persistent work we are doing to improve the entrepreneurial community in Madison and expand the opportunities we offer members to grow their business.

With this membership you will be able to pay what you please each month for as long as you like. In exchange for your generosity and support, you will have a Matrix member profile listed on our member database during the length of your membership. To set up a backer membership please contact us at

OR... Simply make a one time donation :) Every little bit helps!  



From 0.00 USD - Signup

What people at Matrix Coworking are saying

Alexander Gish

Alexander Gish

Matrix and the collaborative community it provides has been essential to the growth of our business. This environment is a well-balanced mix of fun, professional individuals with diverse backgrounds and a wealth of business perspective. Not only have some collaborators become clients, but they have also become great friends and essential connections for the growth of my professional network. If you're not a member yet, you should seriously consider becoming one.

18 March @1PM
Tiffanie Mark

Tiffanie Mark

Thanks everyone for your support on this project!

29 July @8PM
Barbara Boustead

Barbara Boustead

Just completed my matrix profile! Really easy to do. I encourage all collaborators to do this so we can refer to one another when we have prospective clients. Great job Tiffanie and Nexodus team for setting this up!

12 July @8PM


Barre Class with Ellen

Barre Class with Ellen

Fall Gallery Night

Fall Gallery Night

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

Tall Glass of Nerd

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